Sarah Cate

Working from her private studio in Woodend, Sarah uses the finest materials to create handmade, wearable, works of art. She is an independent, qualified, jewellery and object artist. Specialising in hand crafted jewellery for any occasion; including engagement rings, weddings, birthdays and everyday. She is focused on using sustainable and ethically sourced materials to create her unique pieces.

Completion of a Bachelor (2011) and a Master of Fine Art degree (2014), at RMIT in gold and silver-smithing has given her an excellent design knowledge to draw from. Graduating with honours, at the completion of her Masters she received an award for excellence. Formal study has helped develop the concepts and ideas within her work. However, she has also developed great technical skills, working with trade jewellers. Her designs incorporate precious metals —gold, silver and platinum, and gemstones —particularly uniquely coloured Australian sapphires, as well as more unusual materials or found objects. She is always happy to discuss concepts, materials and the processes involved in creating unique, handmade pieces of jewellery. Having experience working with clients both in person and via correspondence makes her perfect for bringing your ideas to life. She encourages you to contact her about collaborating and designing bespoke, interesting, custom or commission pieces. 

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Sarah is also happy to discuss options when using elements or stones from an existing piece of jewellery. Restoring, reusing or recycling parts of worn, old or broken jewellery is sustainable and often for sentimental reasons, very rewarding.